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The ultimate solution for multi-material printing

At ZiprPrint, we provide 3D printing solutions for your most challenging problems.
We specialize in developing hardware and material for FDM 3D printers

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multi-material parts

Our patent pending Intermixer Technology allows for true multi-material extrusion in FDM printers with maximum contributions of mechanical strengths from both polymers, so you can ensure your rigid plastic and stretchable rubber part does not break at the interface.

Our lightweight pellet feeding technology lets you use polymer pellets, bypassing the need for expensive and limited material choices of filament. This opens up an entire new world of printing possibilities, like parts that are thermally or optically responsive, or parts that are made from recycled plastic chips.




Soft is no longer hard

Our extrusion system is made to handle soft elastomers as low as 47 Shore A, so you can print parts that not only flex, but also stretch!

Turbo charge

your prints

Our extruder is more lightweight than on other pellet-fed systems, and the use of a screw increases feed rates by more than 10 times that of traditional filament extruders.

Precision printing

ZiprPrint’s fused pellet printing (FPP) technology offers you professional precision by featuring immediate ON/OFF control of the melt flow for non-printing movements. No purge tower is required.

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